About Me

I have been scrapbooking and crafting since I was 4 years old, over 45 years ago.  I started with my Great Grandmother and Grandmother.  They loved documenting and saving mementos of our lives and shared this passion with me.  My blog is called "The Antique Wardrobe" because of of an antique wardrobe that I have that was my Grandfathers, it stores some of my favorite crafting supplies now.  My blog is a digital version of this and stores creations I have made so I can share my designs with you.   I enjoy many different kinds of creating and use many different mediums in my designing.  From Scrapbooking (my first love) to Card Making, Embroidery, Quilling, Mixed Media, Floral and Wreathe Design, Adult Coloring, Decoupage, Pyrography and so much more.  I hope my Designs inspire you to create.

 Have a lovely day, Ann