Hello Blog Reader:
This is to inform any readers who come by my blog that EXCEPT for Pinterest, I do not allow any of my creations posted on my blog to be shared on any other social media form or forum without my consent.  That includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, forums, etc.  If you have any questions about this you can email me.  If you post any of my creations on social media and I become aware of it, you will be asked to remove my creations from those sites.

I realize that some people may find this harsh.  However you have to understand that many of these social media sites state that they own the rights to anything uploaded to their sites.  I know many people find it flattering for their work to be featured on these sites randomly but, personally,  I do not find joy in giving the rights of my creative work away to any social media site!  Also I want to note that when I join in challenges or hops those are for fun and to inspire others, but not for companies and challenge blogs, etc, to use my creations as free advertising and post on other social media sites and forums.

If a you like a creation I made using your products you can easily get a hold of me and ask for permission to feature my work.   Again, if you need to contact me you can email me or leave a comment on my blog with a email address so I can respond to you.

  I hope you have a wonderful day.