Espresso Yourself!

I love many different kinds of beverages, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, lemonade, and more.  I have been making beverage cards and crafts for along time.  And as a crafter and because of my love for coffee  tea, and hot cocoa I also love taking part in the quarterly Coffee Hop over at the Coffee Lovers Blog.  If your not aware of this wonderful event and super fun blog and you would like to know more about it, you can find the link for the web site Here.  Once there browse around and have a fun time seeing all the great coffee creations.  (They also celebrate Tea too.)

Below are some creations I have made for previous hops, and others.   I will add to this page  periodically.    Enjoy!  ~Ann

Succulents in a coffee pot.

Framed Creation:

Coffee Recipe Card:

Hot Cocoa Card:

Hot Cocoa Card:

Hot Cocoa Test Tube and Tag:

Hot Cocoa Card:

Irish Coffee Tag:

Memory Dex Tea and Macaroon Card:

Coffee card with matching envelope.

Tea Card made using Peg Stamps: